Suddenly my HD745 does not work in DVI mode


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I need some help, yesterday was ok, now is bad :( ,PQ is horrible it´s flickers a lot, can not go more than 528p if i try 720p and 1080i it says out of range and picture is very bad what can I do? is only two weeks old from Pixmania, :lease:


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Have you tried another DVI lead?

remotehack entered again?

firmware update (rewritten the same again)?


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Thanks for ypur answer;
>I rried a new DVI lead=same problem
>remotehack entered again=any good?
>firmware update=How can you explain how to do that?



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Here's the region hack (maybe no help but no harm aswell):

1. Turn on player with no disc in the tray. "No disk" appears on screen.
2. Press the "Repeat" key on the remote.
3. Press "57538" on the remote. A number should appear on screen, indicating your player's current region (e.g. "2").
4. Press the number for your required region (e.g. "1") or "9" for region-free/all-regions. The number will appear on screen, replacing the previous number (from step 3).
5. Press "Open/Close Tray" and leave the tray open for a few seconds.
6. Press "Power On/Off". The tray closes automatically and the player turns off. Next time you turn it on, it is region free (or whatever Region you selected in step 4).


burn the unzipped files onto a CD and insert it... menü goes up after a few seconds.

zip file here:


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Thanks I have tried hack again as well and no changes, now I´ll go for sw and see what happens, I have wrotte Pixmania asking for a change of HD745 I am waiting for an answer, I have just got my HD745 3 weeks :(

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