Sudden problem with Onkyo HT-R390


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Hi, I'm new so hopefully this isn't a silly question.

I have the following equipment:
Samsung UE46D7000 TV
Samsung BD-D5500 BluRay player
Onkyo HT-R390 AV receiver
Humax PVR3900T PVR

All are connected by Cambridge Audio HDMI cables. The BluRay and PVR are connected direct to the HDMI inputs on the TV and then I use another HDMI as the ARC to the Onkyo. This setup has worked perfectly for 4 months, with the Onkyo automatically taking over the sound in full 5.1 whenever it was turned on.

Yesterday this was working fine with a DVD until I put a 3D BluRay into the BluRay. All of a sudden the Onkyo stopped picking up sound and despite checking all the connections I can't get it to work again. The BluRay and PVR signals are still getting to the TV and I can watch everything as normal with the TV sound but the Onkyo just won't work and the TV no longer seems to communicate with it (e.g. the AnyNet CEC can see the receiver but says its not connected!!?)

I'm wondering if ditching the ARC and using an optical cable between the TV and the Onkyo might sort the problem but I'm going nuts trying to sort it out!

Please help, as my wife will kill me if I waste any more time on it over Xmas!!


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Sorry everyone - I'm clearly a cretin as my wiring was all wrong. Spoke to Richer Sounds in Glasgow who told me where I'd gone wrong. Came home, re-connected things and it works brilliantly.
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