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I have a PS4 (years old), connected to a SONY A/V receiver via HDMI - PS4 output is PCM.

For years everything was working 100% fine. Yesterday I'm playing GTAV and realise my sub isn't adding its usual lovely bass to the game. I check the receiver and it says it's receiving the LFE signal, and says it has a sub hooked up. I check the game settings and it's set to surround. I play some hip-hop on the PS4 YouTube app and still no bass. Hmmm, I think... maybe my sub is broken. I switch the receiver to SONOS and play some gentle Scandi ballards and hear all the thumping bass you could hope for. So the sub and receiver are working...

I can think of three possible reasons for this problem - forgive my naive understanding of how HDMI cables transfer separate signals:

1: Is it possible that the HDMI between the PS4 and receiver could be telling the receiver that there is a signal, but not actually transfering a signal? Ie. it's broken?
Test: Try a cable known to work.

2: The PS4 HDMI output jack is broken and cannot properly transmit LFE.
Test: Try the PS4 cable with Blu-ray player known to work.

3: The HDMI input jack on the receiver "Video 1" is broken and cannot properly receive LFE.
Test: Try it in "Video 2" - known to work with the Blu-ray player.

Is there anything else anyone can think of that could cause the LFE signal to stop working specifically from my PS4? As I said, the Blu-ray player, Sonos, and analog inputs on the receiver all translate into powerful bass from the sub.

If there was some way to switch off the separate LFE signal and tell the PS4 to add it to the rest of the channels I'm guessing my receiver would do it's usual trick of creating a channel for the sub (like 2.1 from stereo) but as far as I'm aware that's not possible (and shouldn't need to be).

Thanks all in advance!

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