Sudden battery drop....


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Last night when I was charging my phone the battery seemed to refuse to get past 99% and after half a hour I thought "ooft something wrong here..." so I thought I'd take it off charge, leave it off charge use it a bit and set an alarm for a hour before I usually get up for work, and stick it on charge then. When the alarm went off it was at 84% charge and after plugging in the charger and going back to sleep I woke to work alarm and 100% charge, but with 1 minute of trickle charge still to go, I waited and it did indeed finish trickle according to the battery saver/charger app. But by 8.00am this morning my phone was at 90% normally I wouldn't see this level until 9.15'ish with the same use, so it was like the battery's lost a hour. What I'd like to know is it possible to turn this around, did I do the wrong thing last night?

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