Subwoofer with Aviano 1s and CA Azur 550A


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Hey there guys, first topic here :)

So basically, I my setup (feel free to comment about it or give an opinion, I listen to everything) is:

Mordaunt Short Aviano 1
Cambridge Audio Azur 550A
Cambridge Audio DACMagic
Soundstyle Z1s

Now, this is purely for music (of course, because it's connected to my PC it will be playing movies and stuff as well, but 5.1 is not my interest, I want the best setup to listen to music, not anything else) and I feel that the Avianos, for now, will do without a subwoofer (mainly because I don't listen to much "bassy" music) but I would like to know what you guys would suggest with this setup.

I will not go above £400 for it, and £400 is pushing it.

I've looked at a few:
Tannoy TS-10
Velodyne Impact-12

So, thoughts? Suggestions?

Thanks :)


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Have a look at my set up (link in my signature) because I have the cambridge 550a paired with the aviano 1's, however I am looking for a half decent sub to add to this as I do listen to quite bassy music. I was thinking about the wharfedale sw150 sub, but still undecided as to which sub to get, another ontender would be one of BK's range, eg the BK XLS200 MK2:


Might be some food for thought ;)

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