Subwoofer (Velodyne CHT-15) Setup Qs


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Hi All,

My Velodyne CHT-15 arrived recently (thanks Eric!) and it has now been more or less run in with a variety of CDs and some light movie use. I am very pleased. It really shakes the house, (lookout hard drives, low frequency rumbling coming to shake your platters!!!)

Anyway, I have also recently acquired apair of B&W CDM 1NTs and a CDM CNT for front use as fronts in a HC set-up. A pioneer VSX-D2011 arrived last night and will be pressed into use soon.

Since I will be doing a full setup and calibration of the sound system, I have a few basic questions regarding set-up and integration of the sub. (I'm posting generally rather than a specific mail to Eric as I appreciate varied opinion and I'm sure he's busy busy anyway.)

1. Would users recomend setting crossover in the amplifier, using the sub crossover settings or both?

2. What would people consider a starting crossover frequency given the 1NTs go down to 60Hz +/-3dB. (48Hz +/- 6dB).

3. Are people using the dedicated subwoofer preout from amp to sub or connecting up to high-level inputs by looping the sub into the front speaker set-up via speaker cable?

4. I intend using the d2011s auto setup, anyone care to recomend an initila volume on the Velyodyne itself before commencing the setup routines.

Any additional comments on amp settings (big, small fronts, sub enabled/disabled) on various set-ups would be appreciated.

Really, I'm just looking at the efficacy of various set-up scenarios to save me some time in experimenting.


Peter Mee


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I´d try all speakers set to small, all bass to sub. If you can select the crossover on the amp try 80hz to start with. On the sub, set the crossover switch to OUT (so it ignores the subs crossover), then the volume to around 3 or 4. Phase setting you´ll have to play around with as that varies from setup to setup/room to room etc.

Use the low level phono connection only from the sub pre-out of the amp.

Certainly works well for my setup.;)

Another option would be the front left & right speakers set to Large, all others to Small, bass to Both (LFE & MAIN). Set the crossover switch on the sub to IN and adjust to around the lowest point your main speakers go down to e.g 50hz. Again leave the volume at around 3 or 4. Still use the low level phono connection. Leave the amp crossover at 80hz or try a bit lower (60hz if you have the option).

The Auto setup of the Pioneer may come up with a completely different setup though.



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If you do choose to setup with LARGE fronts, then run the centre as LARGE also. The centre uses identical driver and should give a very similar output.


At a guess, 1/3rd volume on the sub for the setup routine.
I saw the results of an AX-10 (w/MCACC) setup using similar speakers and it came up with large across the front and small across the rear, with the sub getting the feed from the rears and the LFE.
The collective opionion was that the setup routine is not great at setting the channel sizes when the speakers can go below 80Hz, but not down much below 40Hz.
However I have no idea if the D-2011 will produce the above results.

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