Subwoofer upgrade advice please (or AVR?) for large room


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I think the 83db is too high, usually 78-80db via the on-screen is spot on (do 3mic positions) and then check subwoofer level. If it´s -12db it´s out of range, the gain is too high. So rather aim for 78db and then tweak the subwoofer level lower. Example it comes back -8db then change to -4db which should be plenty.

Sell the T9i (classifieds, gumtree,ebay), do not use it with Monolith. It´s bad idea cause it can´t keep up and there is going to be some phase issues. Conrad just wrote abou this.
Thanks Gasp. I’ll give it a go next weekend if I get a chance. I had to rush the setup so I’ll try nudging the gain down and check the subwoofer level.
And I agree on the needs to go.


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At about 7300CuFt this is obviously a very large space to pressurise with bass. If you haven't seen it, you might find Audioholics' subwoofer "Bassaholic" room size ratings useful as a guide to the type of output you're looking for. AH class anything over 5000CuFt as an "Extreme" room. While AH haven't tested an Arendal 1723 1V, they did test a SVS PB-3000 and it got an "Extreme" room rating in ported mode.

Bassaholic Subwoofer Room Size Rating Protocol

I was also looking for a pair of new subs recently (£3k max total budget) and last week pulled the trigger on a pair of PB-3000s which hopefully should arrive today. As part of my research I tabulated some CEA2010 test data for the Arendal 1723 1V, SVS PB-2000 Pro and SVS PB-3000 as they were all on my shortlist. Here it is:

View attachment 1473752
I considered the most critical output range for me was probably 20Hz-63Hz and in this area the Arendal was (to my surprise) outgunned by the cheaper PB-2000 Pro.

Obviously there's far more to it than these stats but, depending on your listening levels, as your area is so large the SPL output probably needs to be a priority consideration to avoid disappointment (which unfortunately is something I've experienced before by under-speccing a sub purchase).

Anyway, I hope this helps with your decision making.
where does a monolith 15 numbers fit in here?

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Audioholics tested the Monolith THX 15“ a while ago and its results are in their spreadsheet that you can download. Unsurprisingly it gets an “Extreme” room rating.


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