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Hi all,

First post, i have recently purchased a pair of Focal aria 926 with Marantz pm 7000 and Marantz cd 6007. I am now looking for a subwoofer to enhance the low down bass , could anyone recommend a sub upto £1k. Thanks all.


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You don't say if you have any constraints other than price.

What is the sub for movies or music and how loud do you drive your system.

Also is size important and what size room do you have.

I could start of with a doozy of a sub at £799 the Monolith 12" THX, it's big only available in black but puts out copious amounts of bass for relatively low ££.

They also do a sligtly smaller version with a 10" driver for £499

There are plenty of other options but these are forum favourites at their price levels.


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You may decide if it's purely for music a sealed sub like the BK XXLS400 may suit better and is around the £450 mark depending on finish.



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Thanks for the reply. It’s for music, my room is 28ft long and 13 ft wide with a exposed oak flooring. I’m also based in South Wales in the U.K.


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IM selling both my SVS SB2000's in the classifieds if that of interest for you?



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Do you have requrements for following features, which may or may not be desireable/required?

High pass feature, fixed or adjustable
Room gain compensation
app control (at least volume, but also PEQ adjustability)
Back panel control for volume, and PEQ
High level inputs
High level outputs
Low level inputs
Low level outputs.
Crossover (low pass) and range. Also bypassable.
Ported or sealed
Ability to plug one or more ports, and ability to convert ported to sealed.
Built in automatic subwoofer EQ with mic


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It’s for music, my room is 28ft long and 13 ft wide with a exposed oak flooring. I’m also based in South Wales in the U.K.

Going closer to your budget limit you should consider Arendal 1961 1S if you are looking compact sized powerfull sealed sub. You can find reviews in the main site also including nordic group test where they tested different woofers in 2.1 music listening and this is where the 1S shined, sounding best of bunch (SVS, M&K and few more) and integrated perfectly with mains.


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It’s for music, my room is 28ft long and 13 ft wide with a exposed oak flooring. I’m also based in South Wales in the U.K.

For music, getting a flat bass response is even more important than it is for home cinema.

Rooms that shape (i.e. high length to width ratio) can be very tricky to get an even bass response in so you might be better off buying pair of smaller sealed subs instead of a larger single one. As almost all music bass content is >40Hz you won't need subs with massive drivers. A pair of 10"-12" sealed subs should do you just fine.

You're not using an AVR so you how will you be EQing the subs? If your system has no sub-EQ capability at all then I would favour subs with built-in PEQ filters as these can make a huge difference to an un-EQ'd system. Ideally you need access to a measurement microphone (e.g. UMIK-1) to accurately set the filters but an SPL meter can still be used instead but takes longer.

If you're not going to be EQing the sub-bass at all then multiple subs make even more sense as they should naturally produce in a more even response if well positioned in the room.

I suggest you download the (free) REW app and have a play with the RoomSIM feature which can predict the bass response in your room for your seating and proposed sub location(s).
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