Subwoofer to complement Pioner VSX-D912



hello everyone,

I'm a novice looking for a sub which will complement my AV receiver, Pioneer VSX-D912, and my 5Channel Jamo Speaker Set, (E350-Floorstanding Main, E3Cen-Center & E3Sur-Suround).

My budget is around £200-250 only. I'm looking for a good & decent sub but will not spend more than £250, coz i have some other priorities :D . Maybe a 10" sub will be great coz i got little space for the sub :) . Don't have a big room either. Around 60/40 (Music/Movies).

Can anyone suggest on a good deal sub performance & price wise.

One more thing, maybe this is out of the topic but quite related, just want to know if the connector on my Receiver's Sub Pre-out is filtered or not? So i can have an idea on how to connect my receiver to my future sub.

Any wiring suggestion, please....

Thank you very much.


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Go for a BK! I have an XLS200 and it simply is fantastic. If you cant stretch that extra £20 then go for a gemini. You may however may want to wait for a gemini review first (will be on these forums soon:)).

As for connections - the pre out is filtered but I found that the best performance is when the receiver's crossover is set to 80Hz and the subwoofers crossover is set to about 90Hz. If I turn off the sub filter then there is quite a bit of noise added to the signal. When the sub filter is off you also get frequencies way higher than 80Hz.

The BK XLS200 comes with all the cables you need. The low level out cable really is good. It is double shielded so noise pickup is kept to a minimum.


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