Subwoofer to AV Receiver and Amplifier


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Newbie's first post.

I am planning for 5.1 setup.

I also have an existing 2.1 setup for listening to Vinyl and CD ( Pre out from Amp connected to sub line in )
The subwoofer has both, line in and LFE.

I would like to keep my 2.1 setup since i really like the sound of it.

I am planning to connect the front speaker pre out from the AV Receiver, to the Stereo Amp's Main in to give my front speakers more power.

My question is: Can i keep my 2.1 setup, and also connect the sub to the AV receivers LFE output, or will this cause trouble?

Equipment is :

AV Receiver : NAD T748
Stereo Amplifier : NAD C352
Front speakers : Dali IKON 6
Center speakers: Dali IKON VOKAL 2
Surround speakers: Dali Concept 1
Subwoofer: Dali IKON SUB Mk 2

Thanks, in advance.


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You can do but in my experience this is a issue

1) in stereo mode, you enable the crossover on the sub so the sub receives full range and the sub removes 60hz and below. Av amp is off

2) in AV mode the sub receives the filtered left and right from the AV amp via the stereo amp, the crossover in the sub is enabled so you have double crossover . Also the sub receives lfe from the avr so in effect you have lfe + bass management left and right + filtered left and right +. subwoofer own crossover. It's a mess

I had this issue before. Personally I'd just send lfe RCA and use bass management. In stereo just means no subwoofer.

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