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Subwoofer stand.



Have been using my PV1 on a grantite plinth which I had made for my previous sub. This question is probably more for PV1 owners - have people found it to perform better using such a thing or are they happy with it sitting on the floor? My floor surface is a solid oak floor on top of concrete base.

With the PV1 having near zero vibration is it necessary?

With my old sub I did find it a real benefit.


Previously Liam @ Prog AV
Best way to tell is just take it off the plinth and listen. If your ears are happy then there's your answer!!!


Distinguished Member
I rather doubt your PV1 is suffering from vertigo. :D

More seriously: The only possible effect of such a piece of material is acting as a flat surface between itself and any compliant material placed between the slab and the floor. If you can hear any real difference with and without the slab I'd be very surprised. Experimenting with different materials under the slab might offer some mechanical isolation from a very resonant floor surface. (like bare floorboards for example)

I have rather thin floorboards beneath my huge SVS cylinder. (downfiring driver) I could hear no real difference when using a very thick and heavy, round concrete slab beneath the sub's bottom plate.

The slab's only real advantage was allowing me to more easily level the sub to avoid that "Pisa" look on an old and very uneven floor. :)

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