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Please could someone recommend a subwoofer that would go well with my present set up.

Sony str-da3600es receiver & q-av soundbar and rears.

I would like the sub to be good for music and films.

I am also considering getting separate bookshelf speakers for music

If I do this a. What bookshelf speakers would compliment my amp
And b. Would I be better getting something like the Marantz Cr603 for the music side of things (if so what speakers then).

I am happy to buy second hand and budget wise for speakers to around £500

Thanks. Mark.


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For subs look at the BK electronics range of subs. The Gemini II is a good budget sub for £200 or for a little more you could get on of the XLS range.
As for the other speakers the QA 2000 range would be worth a look. But for a little more you could also look at the Kef Q range as well.

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