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I’ve got two REL T5i’s that I use solely for music with LS50 speakers.

After much tweaking I’ve got the crossover on both set at 55hz and 9 o’clock on the volume. They’ve made a huge difference to the sound for the better. Although I’m sure they could be even better.

I’ve read on numerous forums that most people with LS50’s are setting the crossover much higher as the LS50’s only go down to 75hz. some as high 120hz.

My questions are the following (I’m new to this so forgive any stupid questions):

as mine are set at 55hz am I missing everything between 55 & 75hz?

when I’ve tried mine at above 60hz the bass sounds a bit flabby, why is that?

would you recommend an antimode and are they simple enough for a technophobe like me to set up for dual subs; what I’ve read about the process thus far has me thinking it might be??

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