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I've recently been on a splurge and upgraded my kit.

I'm using a Denon AVC-4700 for cinema duties with a Devialet Expert 200 via the pre-outs for my fronts, which are Wharfedale Evo 4.4's. This way I can enjoy my music through the Devialet and movies through the Denon. I'd like to use my BK P12-300SB-PR sub with the Evo's for music. The Devialet has crossover settings that are confusing me, I'm sure they're quite straight forward once understood.

My question is can anyone let me know what my settings should be on the Devialet please?

Speaker info can be found here Evo4.4 – WHARFEDALE
Subwoofer info here Platinum P12300-SB

I understand some of this will be set by ear eventually, I'd just like a base I can start working from.

Thank you in advance for your time and help.

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Looking at your speaker frequency response, it says they go down to 44kHz, how accurate that figure is i don't know, but i'd maybe look at setting a crossover of somewhere in the region of 60kHz to start with.

No idea how the Devialet works or what options it has for adjusting it's settings though.

Usually when bass managing a Sub via an amp with crossover control you'd usually set the crossover on the Sub to max or bypass and let the amp control it, not sure if the Devialet works the same way.
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Thank you for the reply.

The Devialet has a number of settings for the crossover. I'm using the high pass cable on the sub and where I got confused was the settings for High Pass and Low Pass. Should I adjust settings in both sections? Or just the High Pass?

Image of the amp configuration screen below.


fatboy frank

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Google is your friend, however, there is a clue in their names ..... Lo Pass & Hi Pass :thumbsup:

fatboy frank

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Yep, but should I adjust both or just the high pass as that's the cable I'm using?

Excuse my lack of brain cells on this.
Unless there is something weird going on you can't set both at the same time!
One allows anything below the crossover to pass (Lo Pass) the other allows anything above the crossover to pass (Hi Pass) so you can't have both, anything else will be Full range!


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I didn't think you could, but wanted to be sure.

Now to fiddle and see what happens.

Thanks for you time.

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