Subwoofer seems a bit directional


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This might not the right term but I can't help notice that my subwoofer bass is coming from the left side of my room when watching films. I'm quiet limited in where I can move it, and I've already run some cables. So I didn't know if anyone had some tips on anything that I should try before I start moving everything around.

It's a forward firing sub directed as shown by the arrow.



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Try facing the sub another direction. The higher the crossover the more directional it tends to sound in my experience. what crossover is it passed at on the avr..

Bottom left corner an option?

If you can temporarily move the sub and if there no or less 'directionality' then the issue is most likely room acoustics and sub placement.

is there a large enough space behind the sofa without moving the sofa too much forward..


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It's at 80hz. But looking at Audessey curves I can probably try 60hz on the fronts. But they don't go much lower unfortunately.
Screenshot 2021-12-26 at 20.19.39.png

I did try rotating it without much luck. But I'll give the back corner a try along with moving the sofa. Might need some longer cables!


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You could also try placing the sub downwards with some objectsto act as feet and see if it makes any difference. It will mean the solution could be a DF sub but testing it out won't cost you anything.


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At 80 hz blind testing shows it's almost impossible to identify where the sub is located unless there are other clues like port chuffing or box / room resonances. Is the problem evident at lower SPL's that wouldn't cause those issues?

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