Subwoofer recommendation - up to £300


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I currently have a home cinema system with 2 Acoustic Energy EVOs for left and right, a centre Monitor Audio R225 and rear Monitor Audio R90s. My though was to try and find a complimentary subwoofer in black.

Room is 17 X 13 feet and the system is mainly used for DVD movies and Sky TV. Any recommendations ?


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What he said ^^

Very highly rated on these forums and quite pretty too :smashin:


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It's the only choice in this price range IMHO.

Top sub!


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hornydragon said:
Isnt there a new "Baby" SVS coming soon around £300?
If there is it may be worth waiting.

Failing that, how about keeping an eye out for a second hand svs pb10, the size of a small fridge but boy does it kick out the bass.:thumbsup:


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on Ebay they sell MJ Acoustics reference 1 mk1 for about 200 to 250 euro


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Many thanks for the replies. I was originally thinking of a sub from Monitor Audio or Acoustic Energy to match the other equipment but will take your advice.

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