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I just read the suggested similar threads after titling this post as well as the stickied "Minimising Hum" link, but I'm still at a loss.

Our upstairs set-up is relatively simple with only a single source, our PS3. (No cable TV, Xbox, Wii or anything else.) We run the PS3 to a Denon 1910, which then has outputs to our Infinity TSS-1200 speakers/sub and our Panasonic plasma. Everything is plugged into a surge protector/power strip. (Oddly enough, this surge protector has a green light next to the words, "grounded," but I've started to question this.) The lone exception is the sub, whose two-pronged power cord goes straight to its own, nearest electrical outlet in the wall.

The Issue
We have an incessant rattling/hiss from the sub. The only time I do not hear it is when I turn off the TV. I can leave both the PS3 and Denon on and hear nothing, but as soon as the TV is on, the rattling/hiss commences.

Steps Taken So Far / Attempts
I have tried and tested every possible combination of connections of the power cords using the surge protector and two nearest electrical wall outlets allowed by the length of the power cords. I've tried the TV and sub cords in the surge protector, in different outlets, the same outlet, etc. The only thing I have not yet tried is A) plugging the sub into its own surge protector, as I don't have a spare, B) buying a new surge protector (or two, if incorporating 'A'?) assuming the aforementioned "grounded" green light claim on my current surge protector is bogus, or C) buy a new 6ft digital coaxial cable for the subwoofer in case the current cable isn't properly shielded.

Any hints or help would be much appreciated! The odd thing is, we have almost this exact same set-up downstairs (just a year-earlier models of the TV, receiver & speakers/sub) but with more inputs, and we experience no rattling/hiss whatsoever.
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