Subwoofer power Lead??


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Can someone help me please.
I have a marantz Sr5200 receiver and an REL Quake sub. Is it right that the outlet on the back of the receiver can be used to power the sub? if that's so can anyone point me towards a supplier of the right lead or advise on how to make my own.

Many thanks
John :lease:


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Thanks eviljohn2, that sounds like good advice. But is there anyway to connect up so that I don't have to switch on the sub separately at the wall socket each time I wish to use it??


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Well I leave my subs on permanently although that's not necessarily the right solution for you. It's possible to build a relay switch that will cause your subwoofer to power up as your amplifier does although I havn't tried that myself, there's a ready-made version here:
if your subwoofer is some distance away then it wouldn't be hard to make a long IEC lead to run power for your sub around the room if necessary.

Another option would be a remote mains switch such as these:

I hope that helps a bit. :)


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If you're lucky, you might have '12v trigger out' on your av amp & if you're really really lucky, there might possibly be a 12v trigger input on on your Sub. I know they do the inputs on many seperates components, but don't know if they sometimes come on subs or not.

If you do have the 12v trigger connections on both Sub & AV amp, find the right cable for between the 2 (normally any 3.5mm Jack to 3.5mm Jack cable) and connect the 2. Hey presto; power on av amp and sub comes on too. Same when turn off.

However, if you have these connections get a lottery ticket too.

Fingers crossed, but not expecting....


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