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Subwoofer position


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I currently have my subwoofer under my computer desk, basically at my feet during listening.
I don't think the bass is overpowering, but I've checked it out and my other residents complaints about the bass are right, the subwoofer is facing away from their rooms but it's actually heavier over there rather than at me where it's facing.

1. Is it typical for the bass to be heavier at the back of the subwoofer?
2. Could it be the computer desk that is blocking the bass from my ears? I'm kind of limited in my options of where to place the speaker, so I thought I'd ask about where the best sort of places are. I'd feel a bit misguided facing it away from where I want the bass to travel lol.



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Do you mean " the other residents" are in adjoining property?

One problem with Bass is that it travels through walls - one reason Bass speaker cabinets need to be strong/heavy to resist shaking. However, action and reaction are eq. and if you are shifting air in one direction then the cabinet and whatever it's attached to will move too, in proportion to their Mass.
In general this means if you are enjoying a Thump-Thump then so are your neighbours . . . Subs need to be turned-down in domestic situations, IMHO.

Once the walls are moving, there is relatively little that can be done, so you fixing it "At source" is far easier. You may have to rethink your sub arrangement - have you considered one of those gaming-chairs, which include a Bass-seat? (er, I understand.).... this might give you the "feeling" without the sound. However, the seat itself will need to be isolated, eg on giant rubber blocks as used to isolate engine vibrations in cars.

Yet there is another get-out, of sorts. That is to mount yr present sub on a 20kg bag of dry sand - that should reduce the movement, but it will settle and become solid... so you shake it loose again. Naturally the bag will leak/break, so maybe a more permanent solution needs to be found...but it's a cheap way of helping the community. Springs, Rubber and dry Sand are all used to isolate sound and sometimes a mix of all will do better than one alone.

Let us know how your experiments are judged...
You might like to try the Richard Strauss "Sunrise" which has timpani/drums in the Bass-section... and J.S.Bach Organ Fuge can wreck subs as this uses 32 ft pipes, I believe.

Oh yesss: your Desk . . . well as you can read above, sometimes 32ft pipes are needed...so there needs to be quite a lot of empty space to fit them in. Almost certainly the desk will affect the bass reaching you, but sometimes you have to accept room limitations.
If yr room isn't 32ft then you cannot fit in 32 ft LF notes anyway. Few of us can.
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Because walls aren't acoustically transparent even at subwoofer frequencies.

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