Subwoofer output on lcd TVs?

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I'm in the market for a 26inch LCD TV for my bedroom (with a Freeview tuner) and I've noticed some LCD TVs have a subwoofer output. How does this work? Is it just a marketing a gimmick, or does it help improve the sound if you hook up a sub to supplement the TVs built in speakers?




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Rob, I`m planning on getting a Toshiba 32WLT58 (whenever it is launched!) and it has this. It is designed to supplement the TV speakers,probably because LCD speakers need to be sleek to match the presentation of the set and thus...are weaker in sound than we have been used to conventional CRT`s. You will need what is known as a `active` subwoofer (one that has its own power supply) and just link it into the back of your chosen LCD. Regards,Mark.
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