Subwoofer or amp problem?


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Ive finished connecting my system and I'm peed off to say the least. Ive got q acoustics q7000 5.1 system and denon 2113 amp. all connected up correctly as per instructions ran setup as instructed everything ok apart from the sub, its sound god damn awful, like a fart i have triple checked the connections played with all the settings but no luck it is just connected with the lead that came with it as I'm waiting on the arrival of my other but it still shouldn't sound this bad!! my predicament is which is broke the amp or sub how do i test? i have no other amp or powered sub. I guess it needs returning but which the amp or sub? (i bought them from separate places) any help appreciated as I'm going to ring them tomorrow.


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My money would be on the sub. If you have a suitable cable, you could use the output from a PC or Ipod to check the sub. It should sound clean when driven at moderate levels.

The sub also has a high level input, so you could always test the sub by wiring it to the left or right output and setting the output to full range.

Just a thought, you are only using the low level (Phono) input and not the high level (Speaker input) as well are you) Sorry, not meaning to patronise, but I did have to sort out a mate's system who had done just this.


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Thanks. Just used a headphone to rca with my ipod and it still sound terrible almost like its blown or its not filtering properly high level it has the punch but low it sound like its blown. Don't worry about patronising it's something I would probably do but I followed the instructions meticulously just had the one RCA saying connect to LFE. Well I guess I will have to get on the blower and fingers crossed they sort it quick time. Cheers.

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