subwoofer on floorboards, what to do?


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hi all

just found out that my new home (move in tomorrow) will have floorboards and a carpet on the flooring in living room. what can i do to be able to still purchase a sub and not have problems?

will just putting it on spikes and above a granite slab or something be the best and easiest step to take in the short term? wont change flooring for at least over a year (if i ever do, then i'll have laminate flooring)

was thinking about getting the bk monolith..but maybe too powerful for floorboards even if using spikes and a granite slab! opinions?

The Eggman72

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I put a small paver under my 2 subs painted white...made a hell of a difference.


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You can also try an isolator such as the Auralex subdude (which I've got) or the Gramma. These will isolate and tighten the response from the sub. There's a videos on youtube which will demostrate the sound difference of using one. Think its only the Gramma that fits the Monolith.


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Check out the Auralex thread in the DIY section of AVS forum - the science says they should make no difference but user opinion is a different matter lol


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dont think will get bk monolith anymore due to the flooring of my new place being floorboards..bit creaky! if i bother getting any sub will get a small to medium one such as Yamaha YSTFW050 or the cambridge audio s90, wharfedale diamond sw150 wharfedale powercube spc-10, or BK xls200 or cambridge audio minx X200 (the x200 seems best for the price point and cheaper than the xls200..)


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I got a granite chopping board from tesco's and isolated my xls 200 df from the suspended wooden floor. Changed the way my whole room sounded but for the better!

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