Subwoofer on carpet or parquet?



My Mission FS2AV package is coming today and the position I hope will be OK for the sub is in the corner of the room (against two outside walls) and behind the rear projection TV.

If this does turn out to be right I can have the sub sat on the carpet, or take it up in the corner and sit it on the old wooden parquet floor underneath. (This is itself laid on concrete.)

So carpet or soilid parquet, or what would be the effect of one or the other?


carpet unless you get something to sit under the sub to stop it vibrating about on the solid floor.....



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The sub would be better on a hard floor because on a wooden floor the subs energy would not be transferred to the floor unlike a carpet.

It would be similar to putting it on a concrete slab.


sorry........ i misread.......if concrete is an option, thats the way to go. Better still if you can put a big paving slab on top.


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