Subwoofer Levels from 6 channel input


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I have a Yamaha AX1 which I love, and I've just bought a pioneer dv 747 dvd player. I've connected the dvd player to the AX1 using both the coaxial digital cable and the 6 channel input cables.
Here's the problem, when I try to player sacd's and dvd audio's the subwoofer volume is very very low.
I've had to turn it up to nearly the max, but when I use the DD, DTS decoder on the amp the house nearly implodes with the volume. So, i've had to turn down the subwoofer volume by 20db to get it all to match. Not good!!!!
I've tried a different dvd player with a 6 channel output but I have the same problem. Help anyone?


you could look into the set up menus on the dvd player and see how the bass management is set up and adjust accordingly


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I've done that, and put the sub up to the max +6db and even had to turn down the other channels by 3db!


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I don't know if it's down to connection issues but I had the very same problem aswell. I have since connected my sub to my amp by way of high level stereo and now find that I have to turn the sub down when listening to SACD.


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That may well be the best way. I just didn't want the sub to effect my stereo listening. What equipment do you have?


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The other dvd player I tried was a ns700v. It's a nice player. I've been trying to think of a way I can reconfigure it so I can test the amp, but I can't think of a way.
It's all very strange. Also, I'm not sure that my dvd player sends the LFE info to the front 2 channels.


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Check that the DVD player actually has bass management when it comes to DVD Audio/SACD. Most of them don't, despite you being able to set different speaker sizes the settings are ignored for DVD Audio/SACD playback which usually results in a perceived lack of bass.


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have a similar problem with a Pioneer 656 to Marantz 7200. Sub works fine from digital out but practically nothing on 5.1 out/in. Is it a Pioneer thing?

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