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subwoofer level



I have a sony ddw750,in the receiver a set the subwoofer level in +5db,and in the subwoofer de volume is in its half,could you tell me if is it correct?What is the right set up for the subwoofer?
Thanks for your help.


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That sounds a bit to much to me..........but it would depend on many things.
If you do not have a SPL meter to set it all up, then i would say, put some music on that you know, turn the Sub all the way down and then listern to the music and turn the sub up a little at a time untill it fill's in the lower end of the music..........just untill you start to hear the bass.
Then leave it like that, untill you are able to get a SPL meter to set it up with your main speakers.

Hope that helps.

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