Subwoofer issues? (maybe)



hey, was wondering if someone could help, not sure if this is the right section though, so could someone move this if its in the wrong section please, thanks.

Recently purchased a Home Cinema system from my catalogue, it all worked fine, but I think theres an issue with the Subwoofer. As soon as I connect a speaker, theres a loud humming/buzzing sound, that comes from the Speaker, ive tried another Speaker(from a Stereo) and exactly the same thing happened.

Is the Surround System ive brought, incase you need to know.

I dont know much information (not being much of a Sound Fanatic) but was wondering if anyone could give any ideas for any solutions or whether or not the
Subwoofer is just faulty?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
just recheck all your connections, make sure there isnt a yellow in the white :rotfl:
Its a brand new system, alls I have to do is connect a speaker to the sub and you get the noise, regardless if anything else is plugged in

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