Subwoofer issue:-Sony STR-DH810 and BDP-S370.



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I have just invested in my first decent AV set up. We have a Sony BDP-S370 BlueRay connected via HDMI to a STR-DH810 AV amp. Sound is via a Boston Soundware XS 5.1 setup and the TV is a Sony KDL713 with hdmi connection. When playing movies on either DVD or BlueRay we get 5.1 sound and the sound experience is great. I set it up by reading other posts on these forums so we get all the Dolby indicators on the AV reciever.

I tried playing a Music CD using the BlueRay today. The subwoofer doesn't output anything and so the music is very tinny. I put a DVD in and the sound is fine. Have I missed something in the setup for music CD's? Thanks in advance.


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You will find your amp will have a lot of different sound modes. It will probably use a different one for 2 channel inputs such as music as it will for a 5.1 input. If you can change it to a 2 channel mode, just the right and left speakers should be on, and the sub. If not, go through the menus and actually make sure the sub is set to on.

You are 100% sure the sub is working with movies? plug something else into it, like an ipod via rca and see if the sub is active with that.
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