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Subwoofer help!


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I'm really lost. Why is it so hard to decide on subwoofers?
I do have a few alternatives, but I just can't seem to pull the trigger on any of them.

Alternative 1:
Buy 2 Monolith Monoprice 15" THX from England (American Audio Company. The are really good performers for the price, but the downside is that I have to import them to Sweden (might be annoying if there will be any warranty issues?). They are also kind of ugly.

Buy the Arendal Subwoofer 2V. Seems like it will have killer performance. Downside: No one knows if they are as good as Arendal claim.

Buy something from SVS. PB-3000, PB-4000 or PB16 ultra. Downside: big, ugly and expensive.

Build 2 or 3 Dayton UM18 wich are awesome. Downside: They wont be very pretty and they will be sealed wich might result in worse performance than the other alternatives for my room.

Just tell me what to do. Decide for me...

Room looks like this:

The "theatre" is where it says "Vardagsrum". The room is pretty big and open to the kitchen and entrance. Somehow bass sounds and measures pretty good in the seating area anyway.


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So you have basically over 60sqm open space there. From your earlier post you had dual SVS SB3000 and now XTZ 3x12? :) That is one big monster! So you looking something smaller with nice looks to suit living room, but also something that kicks your butt when needed!

SVS PB16U on sale 33900sek = 3257€ and demo model 2863€ (hembiobutiken.se)
SVS PB4000 = 2634€
Arendal 2V = 2500€
Monolith 15 duals = ?

PB16U is large and best performing one box solution from these, it will actually match/outperform your 3x12 under 40hz with lower measured distortion. Below two of those "puppies" in 20sqm room.

2V is closer to PB4000 performance and price wise. The first real life comparison comes from Shane Spare Change youtube hopefully soon. I would be very suprised if they won`t kick butt in a big way cause Arendal reps claim the output is 7-10db more in the 12-20hz range over the old model, that is LOT!

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I am biased (very happy Arendal owner) but I would go Arendal and not give it a 2nd thought.

They are European brand with great support, great warranty if you would ever need it and most importantly sound extremely good (they also look the part).

On the other hand if you will not get them and then glowing reviews will start pouring in from both users and reviews you will be kicking yourself.

After owning Sub 1 I bought another one and number of speakers (to be tested soon) and I am very fussy.


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