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Hi everyone

Just brought myself a denon 1910 and have MS sub with MS satalitte speakers

I am confussed as to how to set the sub and reciever up

On the back of sub i have and input swith that notes either sub or lfe(flat) what input should i set it as - i have a lead running from input plug (right) directly to the amp

Auto start up should this be on or off

Phase dial 0 to 180 degree which setting should i use

freq dial 25 to 110 again what setting should i have it on

On the reciever i have the cross over at 80 which seems the best setting

Any help would be much appreciated i have looked at the threads but can seem to get the answer to all these

Would appreciate any help as i do not want to break the sub or reciever




I'm not being funny, but have you tried reading the instructions?

Whatever, I can't help you re the first question as I don't know the difference with your sub.

Auto start up means when it gets bass, it automatically turns on and turns back to standby (after a while) if there's no bass.

Phase should be set by ear, if you can actually hear any difference. If you can't it's a guess.

Freq should be full up.

80hz on the receiver is a good starting point, but you might want to try other settings.

And none of these settings will break anything :smashin:


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Set the sub to LFE(flat) and I would leave it in the ON position. I tried my MS Alumni9 Sub on Auto, but it didn't switch on, so I just leave it on the ON position all of the time.

I have phase at zero, and to be honest I've never messed with it and it sounds fine.


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thanks for that much appreciated

but still having problem with sub - i spoke to richard sounds they advised me sub will only work when playing 5.1 therefore does that mean when watching the TV it will not work?

I thought when i had my old 1907 denon amp it worked no matter what i was playing - need some help as the system sounds a bit tinney because sub not working.

It works be it quitely when using DVD not tried ipod yet

i must be missing something obvious any help much appreciated have spent over a £1k on amp and speakers and so far not impressed

cheers again



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Your 1910 will send signals to your sub when you watch TV if you have it set right. I use Sky HD connected with optical cable. When I get a Dolby Digital broadcast it sends signals to all channels. If the broadcast is not in DD then you can tell the 1910 to output in Pro Logic. This will turn stereo signals into 5.1 signals. You can also set the audio settings (can't remember exactly which bit) to use main+sub and then your sub will be used even when listening to music with audio set to Stereo. If you get it all set up right you should be blown away cause I know I sure was!!!


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thanks for that how to set the pro logic setting it sounds like i can use this option if not broadcasting in 5.1

Not blown away as yet but so want to be please help



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If you have the crossover set in the amp and the front speakers set to small then the amp will automatically send any frequencies below the corssove point to the sub. You then just select prologic as the mode setting (should say it on the front display on reciever).

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