Subwoofer for Marantz SR4500



Hi everyone im new here but need urgent help because i have no bass!!


I just got my hands on a Marantz SR4500 i have speakers for surround and front but they are only small ones and i have no sub!

I originally had a "theater in a box" style system where the amp was attached to the sub box so the sub had no "input" except for 1 pair of speaker cable going straight to the speaker itself. What i need to know is, is there a way of using that sub (without the amp attached) through the sub preout on the marantz without the sub having its own amp?

just to clarify, the sub is just the sub in a box with speaker cables going to the sub, no preamp or anything.

:lease: :lease: :lease: :confused: :confused: HELP ME NEED BASS


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You need an active sub, with it's own amp built in.
It is usually connected with a single phono (RCA) cable.
You may be able to use your existing sub and it's amp if you have an auxilliary input on your old amp. Obviously, you will need to plug the amp/sub into the mains like you used to.
It's not an ideal solution though, you really need this type of thing:

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