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Discussion in 'Subwoofers' started by Stuart Wright, Jul 26, 2004.

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    How to install a subwoofer More extensive article in Audioholics

    Subwoofer Placement Article in Audioholics discussing subwoofer placement

    Test tones, White Noise, Pink Noise and House Curves Interesting post from Eviljohn2 explaining the meaning of the terms Test tones available to download

    Subwoofer demo material Some good ref points to films with alot of bass for testing out you're subwoofer.

    Using an SPL meter FAQs A useful thread ref to the use of an SPL meter when setting up subs.

    One sub or two? An Excellent thread that goes into extensive testing of subwoofers by forum member Russ.Will

    ground loop hum issues A thread with a Link to an Interesting subject ref to ground loop hum issues and the BFD used for EQ'ing subs

    Tuning your subwoofer: REW How-to Guide An excellent guide written by forum member cribeiro and Nimby.

    High and Low Level Inputs on your Sub Another excellent guide explaining the differences between inputs.
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