Subwoofer Driver Help Needed?.


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Hi, I bought a little 100w 12vdc amp on Ebay recently to use in my workshed/gym/mancave coupled to an unused iphone. At first I just coupled it to a pair of cheap 8w speakers I had from an old PC but was so surprised at the sound quality from the amp I decided to test them on a pair of B&O 4ohm S35 speakers I had, which although being unused for approx 20yrs were in excellent condition. Again this was a success and I was impressed.

On the amp there is an outlet for what is called super Bass and I hooked the powered subwoofer from the old PC set into it and it works but being a cheap set it isn't really compatible with the rest of the set up and distorted easily. As a test I also tried fitting an 8" 4ohm driver from a Bugera V5 guitar amp I had upgraded and this was better(no distortion) but I realised it was not really a sub woofer so I started googling on subwoofers and am planning on building my own.

I am a very capable woodworker DIY enthusiast and am used to soldering etc on my various guitars and amps so it isn't really a problem other than not knowing enough technically on what would be a good match for a woofer to use with this setup?. As this is just for my workshop it needn't be expensive in fact the cheaper the better to an extent so would appreciate a bit of advice, know how from you more experienced members. Any more info needed just ask.


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My memory is terrible so I can't think of any, but DIYAudio forum has a subwoofer section with quite a few recommendations for cheaper drivers, just have a browse of the threads :)

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