Subwoofer doesnt seem to be working right


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I have a celestion s10 subwoofer that came as part of the avp3 surround package that i bought from unbeatable before christmas.

Ive only just got my amp and think their might be a problem with the sub. It making a very loud humm as soon as it is plugged into anything and the input level increased past 0 at all.

Ive had it plugged into the sub out on my amp, and just to test the L/R outs on my dvd player and my pc. As soon as its plugged into anything it hums loudly increasing the input level makes it louder and the crossover and phase knobs dont seem to do anything.

It doesnt hum when just switched only when something is plugged in, even when i switch the amp off.

Anyone got any idea?


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It sounds like you have a ground loop problem. A search fo r'ground loop should throw up several threads with suggestions on fixing it. To start what components have you got plugged into the amp and what is the power connector on the sub, a 2 or 3 pin socket?


could be something as simple as a faulty cable betweenamp and sub. try another cable.


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I called celestion and they tried to fob me off with ground loop interwhatnot, I actually tried grounding the sub to the framework of the amp did nothing.

Got a new sub works fine.

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