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Question Subwoofer crossover setting


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I have an Onkyo TX 8270 receiver, a pair of Mission 753 speakers (FR 45Hz - 20kHz) and a Cambridge Audio minx X201 subwoofer (FR 36Hz - 200Hz)

I have the Crossover value, on the Onkyo setup, as 200Hz. FR on Minx set as 200Hz.

If I put a 100Hz tone through this system should I hear the tone from the 753s?

(Tone coming from my Galaxy A7 via the built in Chromecast in the Onkyo)

I do. I check it is coming from the 753s by turning off the x201,


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There are two main ways of dealing with crossover -

1) Set main speakers to small in the onkyo setup, set the crossover on the sub to max i.e. 200hz and then set the onkyo crossover to a value around 60-80hz. The onkyo will deliver sounds below 60-80hz to the sub and above to the main speakers.

2) Set the main speaker to large on the onkyo (they will now be full range), set the crossover on the onkyo to the main speaker f3 value say 45hz and then the sub control to full 200hz. The onkyo will then play full sound through the main speakers and supplement with the sub.

There is a third way and that is to set the onkyo main speakers to large, turn the onkyo sub settings off and then feed the sub with the pre out (if it has them) and use the controls on the sub to manage the crossover. This is probably the least effective way.

In the first case you can play with the crossover frequency to see what you like, whereas in the second if you change the crossover frequency you may end up doubling up in the bass above the f3 for the speakers (45hz).

In both cases you may need to set the onkyo to use the sub (on) for both LFE and music. I am not familiar with the onkyo setting but most are pretty generic.

Hope this helps.

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