subwoofer conections ??


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hi, i am a bit confused, i am going to buy a new budget sub for my surround sound setup as i would like a powerd one, i have found an eltax rumble in richer sounds for £59.99 which is gr8, but i had a look at the picture of the back panel and there is no single phono socket for the sub woofer signal from the amplifer, just 4 phono sockets, a left and right input and left and right output(red and white), someone told me to just use the left input on the sub and ingnor the right input, will this work or do i need to save and get a more expensive wooffer?
thanks alot

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Almost all subs have dual in and dual out rca inputs, that is quite normal and a better sub will likely be the same. The advice yougot was correct, simply use one of the inputs, any is fine but the left one is typically used.

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