Subwoofer cabling


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I already posted a similar question in the cables section but no answer!


I just want to know if theres any difference between using a regular high grade phono cable and a propper high grade woofer cable?

When i got my woofer i used a good monster phono cable i had lying arround instead of the bundle cable that came with the woofer and the sound improved 10 fold.

I just wonder if its worth going out and getting a propper woofer cable and if im going to notice any difference?

If its better to get a woofer cable then i will!

Any advice apreaciated! :lease:


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elaborate please! I did see on the packaging that it has more shielding, but is it worth changing from what im using to a high grade woofer cable?

Also would using a phono cable damage it as its not shielded? Could it damage anything else?


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Lifted from Beekeepers Video Cables [MEGA LONG] All you need to know? Thread.

Subs carry signals between 5Hz and say 100 Hz (ish). Unfortunately mains is 50 Hz and it is VITAL that these signals are kept away from the sub cable. This therefore NEEDS to be a mega screened coax for performance. This is the over riding performance issues for sub cables. It is NEVER mentioned here on this forum. All cables should minimise EMF but it is especially important for premium sub performance. ...This is a cheap and cost effective upgrade to go with you ‘Gramma’ / BFD for that dream sub performance. If some one tells you it doesn’t make a difference…….. well you all know cables do make a difference

Shielding, Shielding and More Shielding. You never have enough for sub operations

Also see:

Try using the SEARCH in this forum with the words "cable shielding"


ps the word is spelt SQUEEZE


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:rotfl: lol cheers.

So it is best to get a propper sub cable then?

Ill go get one tomorrow!


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Before you do, look at the Mark Grant Cables in the Power Buy section. Many many members on here have his cables (I have a sub cable) and they are 1st rate.
Service is excellent, and if you buy a sub cable off him you will know 100% that you won't have been able to buy better quality elsewhere for anything other than silly money. Up to you of course, but just have a look at his thread and the recommendations from people on here.

Edit: just seen you are in Tokyo! May make a difference to my comments (but his cables are still good!)

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