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I have two inputs on my subwoofer: L and R/Mono.

However, I only have one subwoofer pre-out socket from my amp.

Do I connect the amp to just the R/Mono socket with a cable like this:

Or do i connect the amp to the L and R/Mono sockets with a cable like this:


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Moving to subwoofer section as more appropriate and more chance of a direct answer :)


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I'm no expert but i'm 95% sure you should use a single cable to the R/Mono input on the sub


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Yes, or you can buy a "splitter" and give 1 output ( from amp) to = 2 input as i have and jobs a gud un. :smashin:


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If you amp has only one sub out you should only use a single lead to connect to the R/mono in on your sub. In most subs the L/R inputs are combined to mono so you could overload the input to the onboard amp.


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Hey KB, congratulations on becoming moderator! :smashin:

Woops! Nearly forgot to answer the question! :clown:

If you use a splitter most plate amps will play 3dB louder.

But if you play this game properly you will then have to turn down the gain to avoid things becoming bass heavy.

You also loose some headroom on bassy peaks if the amp runs out of steam.

So the straight answer is not to bother feeding both input sockets because the net gain is nil.

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