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Dec 7, 2003
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Crawley,West Sussex
Hi people
I have moved my subwoofer and I need alonger run of cable.
Now I have aquestion, What is the difference between a subwoofer cable and speaker cable with phono plugs at the end??
Surely a sub is a speaker!!!
Thank you in advance
A subwoofer cable is usually required to supply a signal over fairly long lengths with very little lengths and as such tend to be of a fices 75 ohm impedance, much like digital interconnects.
Hi Crustyloafer, I need aprox. 5 meters of cable, as I already have about 10 meters of speaker cable left over I thought it might be just the same as connecting a speaker to the other side of the room......
Although a subwoofer is effectively a speaker, you are actually making the connection to the amplifier within the unit and not directly to the speaker as you would with normal speakers.
Subwoofer interconnects are designed for long runs with minimal loss of audio quality. These interconnects are shielded from interference so give a much better sound than a normal interconnect. For av use you will need a line level connection and not speaker wire so use a dedicated interconnect. Good quality interconnects are available from QED for about £30
Thank you to all of you for the info.
I just thought it would have been o.k. with a speaker wire.
Thank goodness for this forum. Grazie, Thank you

or Mark Grant in the AV Power Forums....

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