Subwoofer box dimension calculation software or companies who can design and build enclosures


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Does anyone know of either any good software for working out box dimensions using the Thiel-Small parameters? I’ve had an old 10” Macintosh subwoofer for many years that I got for a good price when Clarion sold of their partnership with Macintosh but changing cars, the box was forgotten about. But I now have a pretty good car that’s got a nice Pioneer double din fitted and good Kicker component speakers in front doors, but you can’t have the bass up too much without some distortion so decided it’s about time I used this sub. If I can find the manual I think it listed some recommended sizes but all in inches. And also wondering if any company can even improve with more accurate dimensions. Also does anyone know where I could get some Accoustic wadding from? I think I got some from Maplins many years ago for a Clarion subwoofer l. I think this time I’ll play safe and have a sealed enclosure. As I designed and built a ported one, and think more time should’ve been spent getting port length right. Although did find the low deep bass was good, but punchy bass like drums, didn’t sound very tight. If I can still get deep bass with a sealed enclosure then I’ll do that, unless I can find a good bass manufacturer who can do all that. There used to be ‘Auto Acoustics’ in Surrey which seemed probably the biggest sub box manufacturer in the UK and there wasn’t many others well known. Are there any other companies like them around. If there are who can get good sound quality with ported enclosures then I’d use them. But if not, as long as I can get fairly accurate dimensions then I’ll get the panels cut and assembe myself. It seems the aftermarket stereo upgrades market isn’t so popular compared to the 90’s. When I first got my Civic Mk8 I thought I wouldn’t be able to change the headunit due to the shape and how it fits in the dash. But Connects2 do some great fascia and steering control adapters. And it’s great using Apple CarPlay and Google maps for sat nav. If anyone can help getting a good box dimensions worked out and/or made Id really appreciate it so thanks. And if I can help answer questions or give opinions I’ll try help. As I used to work for Clarion car audio many years ago and got really interested in Car audio. But that said I’m probably not upto date with new trends etc 😂

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