Subwoofer and Front Speaker Integration


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Since the initial set up of my MA RS8's (+RS Fx, & RS LCR) with a REL R205 I was not happy with how they are integrated for music; boomy at some frequencies, not bassy enough at others.

I have noticed from a lot of posts on this forum and others that most people recommended hooking up your sub via the LFE connection only. Something that I found did not give satisfactory integration with the system. I am still considering EQing my room properly but have found a way to improve the balance without spending any money!

I found that (thanks to the help of the 'Room EQ Wizard' I found on I was able to hook up my sub using both the hi-level input and LFE input to get a better sound. After a fair amount of fiddling I found that I got the best results from the following procedure (please note it will only work if your sub will accept hi-level and LFE signals simultaneously):

1. On the Amp set the following:

All Speakers = Small
Stereo Output = Sub+Sat (i.e. for stereo send all frequencies below the LFE crossover frequency to the sub)

2. On the Sub connect both the LFE and high-level inputs.

3. Set the LFE Level appropriately for DVD soundtracks using the sub and amp controls as you would normally.

Once this had been do I found that using the 'Room EQ Wizard' from to do an 'Automatic' frequency sweep allowed me to identify frequencies at which there were peaks and troughs. I did this with a standard cheap MIC - frequency response was very variable (for me anything below 40Hz worth useless, which you can see by running the sweep with your system on mute). It was only used as a very rough guideline and wasn't relied upon over and abouve my own ears!

Re-running the sweep allowed me to alter crossovers for LFE and hi-level and volumes, and the sub phase to eliminate of peaks and troughs in the sub 120Hz region. Once I had done this I found that I could then get it just right by listening to my regular music and making subtle adjustments to the hi-level gain on the sub and a setting on my amp which allowed me to alter LFE output for stereo sources.

The attached image shows what the frequency response (albeit, recorded very in accurately because MIC was not calibrated) and where I set the crossovers to get rid of the peaks and troughs. The ~105Hz trough disappeared when I switched the phase which I couldn't notice by ear with my 40Hz test signal!

Hope this proves useful for some of you. Any comments/further suggestions would be welcomed.


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