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Hi all

Looking at getting a sub/amp installed in my car

U have a suzuki swift so its not a big car, and Im looking for a sub that wont take over the entire boot :)

Im pretty new to the technical sides of subs/amps, so not entirely sure what is best to get, I bought a new head unit, and am considering buying a secnd hand amp/sub to save money.

should I go for a sub with a built in amp, or seperate? I am looking for more sound quality than car shaking bass, but ofcourse bass is good too :)

so any recommendations at all would be most welcome, as Im not sure exactly what I am looking for

many Thanks


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If your buying a sub its not really quality your going for its bass. Replacing the standard speakers will give you a more quality sound but obviously not the bass.

My advice would be have a look on Gumtree there are always loads of sub/amps for sale on there.

As for built in vs separate its easier to upgrade if they are separate but maybe not so neat as if its built in.



change your 6'9 speakers to decent ones for quailty sound to match with subwoofer

if you get a amp make sure you get least 1000watt and a decent subwoofer you should find some good ones on ebay or check gumtree and you will need wiring kit aswell

never use your sound system when engine off as you just drain your battery flat

this might do for space in your boot click here

but you can get good deals on ebay if they close by to you

some deals on
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Thanks for the replies guys. Appreciated.

I guess my main thing now is choosing the right sub/amp I.e yours suggest to get a 1000w amp but for the sub its the rms I've been told to look for, correct?

I appreciate your help, I was just going to by new but figured second had would be the best option financially



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Dont waste your time or money with 6x9's.

We had am 09 Swift Sport and just threw one of these in the back running of the stock headunit....

Alpine SBG-12KIT Subwoofer Pack

It sounds great but was held back by us not upgrading the headunit.

You dont need a 1000w amp either, alot of the cheap amps that claim they are 1000w dont even come close to putting that kind of power out and its fine to run the system for a small period of time with the engine of although you will be running at 12v and not 14v.

I had in my Z4 and later 350Z JL Comps, JL Slash 300.2 Amp, JL Slash 500.1 Amp and a JL 10w6v2 subwoofer, which was 500wrms regardless of input voltage and it blew my old 2 12's away.

The above is a great bit of kit and fits perfect in the Swift boot taking up abuot 40-50%, our swift had the folding floor that had to be removed.


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Thanks for the detailed reply :)

I am considering the following, as Ive had a bit of time to look on the net, and ofcourse looking for the best deal I can get, but I am willing to spend the money if it will be best option, out of the following:

FLI 12" 1000W Subwoofer/Sub + BOSS Amp/Amplifier Pack | eBay

JBL GTO1202D Subwoofer, amp, box 3 in 1 deal - GTO1202D + BX12 + JA490 from JBL

Alpine SBG-12KIT Subwoofer Pack (AS SUGGESTED ABOVE)



I really appreciate the advice so far, I am just a little clueless thats all, I see the numbers and they confuse me a fair bit, so looked at some of the above, that seems a good deal, but for all I know could be rubbish, so if you dont mind having a browse your opinions are appreciated greatly :) Have loked at deals that include everything, as I dont want the hassle of buying a sub, then wiring kit and then amp etc etc

Thanks again!!

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