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Oct 15, 2004
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i have 205 kef fronts 202 center kef and 201 rear kef which are on the way.

my room is 27X 14 (width) and i am looking forward to buying a subwoofer . my processor is av8 arcam . and i have powered my fronts and center with arcam p1 series.

which subwoofer to go for. i am from Pakistan. my vendor has dealership with Klipsch and Kef plus arcam marantz sony denon too. he can arrange rel woofers too but he is not a dealer.

i thought that since i have all kef theater so i should buy kef subwoofer also . so i am looking forward to buying psw 4000 or 3000. 4000 is a bit high in price so i am not sure whether its worth to spend so much just for base . plus i got 205 fronts which can deliver a lot of bass as well. so will 3000 kef psw be fine for me or should i go for 4000 . i am hesistant with the 4000 because of the price i can get it but i am not sure whether its worth so much money .
You have a good set of kit there. I don't think a Kef sub will do it justice though. I say this as someone who is a Kef fan, as you will see from my signature.
I started with Kef subs, then went to a Rel Stadium III, and I have auditioned loads of others.
I would recommend that you try and audition some of the Velodyne DD range and, if you can find a stockist, try some of the SVS range. I consider my SVS the best sub I have owned or auditioned though I haven't tried any of the very expensive (£5,000 plus) subs on the market.
how is the new R series by REL. my vendor has got 2 brand new REL 305 and 505. how are they. and how is the R series by REL. i can buy one of these woofers . what do you say ?
I've not heard the new Rel R range. I'm pretty sure that these were introduced after Rel were bought out.
My best advice would be to see if your dealer will let you try them out at home. Most good dealers in this country will, although some will want to have a deposit or swipe your credit card, if they don't know you.
Trying at home is the only real test of how a sub will work in your environment and with your set-up.
over here there is no demo facility. anyone else tried out the new R series of subs by REL. btw how is REL overall the name i mean. my vendor said they are the best and they just make subs. any light on this ?

secondly when i get the sub then i will keep my fronts as Large in processor settings and my center and rears as small and my sub as large as well right ?
If you only have Rel or Kef to choose from then i would head to the top end of the Rels (Stadium/Studio) every day of the week.
You can certainly achieve similar results for less money with other manufacturers but that does not detract from the fact that they are by no means poor.I personally have thought for quite some time (years) that their top tier subwoofers are to be admired.

Sorry should of read: (Stentor/Studio)
I didn't feel the Stadium was much, if at all better thean the cheaper Storm
There was/is a Velo DD15 in the classifieds at present. This is a different beast altogether, but is top tier stuff.
ok THanks both of u . both steve's :)

by no one heard the rel R series its costing me 1000 pounds the 505 and 800 pounds for 305

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