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Hi there, I'm just after a bit of advice here guys. I'm in the process of upgrading my 7.1 setup and due to funds, or lack of, am doing this step by step. I've just upgraded the fronts from a pair of Castle Severn 2's to a pair of mint Audio Monitor RS8s. Delighted with the speakers as the sound is so much more defined but also there's a lot more bass produced as well. I've looking out for the matching MA RSLCR centre, so if any members are looking to move one on, then please let me know. It must be in Black Oak finish and be well looked after.

Now to the Sub. I currently use a Wharfedale SW150 which is good but am now looking for something better. I'm looking at either the BK Monolith FF, BK XXL400, the Dali Subwoofer E12F or the MA RSW12. What do you guys recommend out of my choices, taking into account that my R8s kick out a fair amount of bass on their own?

The AV receiver I'm using is a Yamaha RX-V1073 and my room size is approx 5m X 5m.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

As to the surround speakers, I'll leave that for another day.

Many thanks



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What is your budget for replacement? I think that will be the key consideration in recommendations! :)


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Hi MemX, Many thanks for your reply. I guess my budget wound be up to £500, so I guess it should cover the cost of a well looked after one of the above. I guess my question is more of which one of the above would best suit my set-up. Also I've just managed to bag a MA RXLCR which I've just plumbed in the afternoon.

Many thanks.

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