Subwoofer advice required


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I have recently entered the world of Home cinema and have the following equipment

DVD: Currently PlayStation2, soon to be Pioneer DV-350
Amp: Pioneer VSX-859RDS
Spk: Eltax Jupiter

I am very impressed with the setup so far (considering it cost less than £400 all in), but would like to add a sub for that extra punch.

What would be a good new or second hand buy for £200 or less?

Or is it worth saving for something like the Rel Quake at £350 ish.

Paul James

Ian J

Very little new at £200 or less is any good. Some of the Paradigm subs available at Richer Sounds are OK.

£200 can get you a decent second hand REL sub but you have to be fairly quick off the mark.


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What about the REL Quake. Is that any good?


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If space isn't too much of an issue then £200 will almost get you a secondhand Q100E which would be much better than the Quake, I am quite sure. Having not heard the latter I couldn't say so definitively.

Plus... if you are looking at the Quake there's the MJ Acoustics Pro 50 and the Velodyne CHT 10 powerbuy (£325) to consider also. :)



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What about the Mordaunt Short 907W Subwoofer - Cherry?

It is £220 from hifibitz.

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