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In process of upgrading my tv room setup. I have a Denon X2200 amp which I have a tannoy tfx5.1 all in one jobby connected up at present. Also have the onkyo upfirers for atmos but they have been sat low behind tannoy satellites so not getting used properly. Will change these eventually too.
After some helpful guidance on here I have plumped for monitor audio bronze 2 for front l&r's, bronze centre and bronze fx's to replace the tannoy satellites. I now have all of these in my possession but still to set them up as decided to change speaker wire while I am at it and waiting on that being delivered. I also have to move tv up on wall to accommodate the new centre and fronts.
Budget is now pretty tight as ended up getting the bronze 2's and fx's new which wasn't my original plan but lack of patience and having a lovely bronze centre from on here sitting ready to go is my excuse.
I expect the tannoy sub is going to struggle now once I get these connected up so can anyone advise a good sub to go along with this set up and one that can pick up second hand without too much worry about it lasting. BK been recommended on here as a match when I was asking about upgrading the speakers. I missed out on a Gemini 2 this morning on ebay as sniped by a last minute bidder.
Should I just stick with looking for a used BK? been checking the online Av retailers for clearance or open box bargains but not sure where to start really. Can prob stretch to 200-250 at a push seeing as already over budget anyway and might as well keep going :D think that would get me a Gemini new from BK but should also get a xls200 used if can find one.
For info room is 3.19m x 2.89m and sub really needs to sit to left of tv and fronts. In a detached house so thankfully don't have to worry about neighbours too much.
Appreciate any guidance or suggestions.


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Keep an eye on the classifieds, Geminis and XLS200 show up frequently for sale... for that kind of money, you won't find better subs

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