Subwoofer advice for L-Shaped room


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Hi, coming from previous this thread, I find myself wondering how to improve subwoofer performance. Scheme of room attached.
Fronts: MA Silver 200 6g
Center: MA Silver c350
Backs: MA Silver 50 6g
Tops: KEF cr50i

Current sub: BK P12-300SB-PR - placed in top left corner in the scheme (i.e. in corner to the right of the TV).

Currently, after Audissey, the sound is great but, understandbly a bit leaning right and bass sounds quite directional and not very diffused.

Considering that the P12 only fits there in the room, I cannot move it closer to the TV or the other side, it's just too big. I could place it top right (i.e. behind sofa) but that would not help I think, what can I do to improve the sound?

I was thinking of a second sb but I would need an unmatched one, as another P12 would not fit anyhwhere else. I could fit a smaller one at the left of the TV cabinet, or a slightly larger one at the left side of the sofa.

Behind the sofa there is no room (25cm to the blinds).

Or changing the Sub with two smaller ones (e.g. two SVS 1000 pro?) to place at either side of the TV cabinet? - I can still return the BK.

Any suggestion would be most welcome.



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Thanks. Do you mean to try the current p12 facing in a different direction? Currently it faces front, I could turn it to face left but it would have the 200 floor standing right in front, how bad would that be?


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Firing into a speaker yes.

You could try experimenting in the bottom corner in the yoga area. you might be surprised that it could sound better

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