Subwoofer 180degree phase setting


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Both my sub and av reciever offer a 180 degree phase setting for the sub, in what circumstances should this be used?



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Switch it and find out.;)

Sometimes it can tighten the bass up, reduce boominess. Best thing is just see which setting sounds best to you.:)


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I tried it in the other positon and it made the higher bass tones louder and the lower bass tones quieter, I think i'll leave it disabled.

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Try playing a test tone at approximately the crossover frequency. Whichever gives the loudest output is the correct setting.

On my Denon AVC-A1SE with Velo HGS 15, the correct setting was with the phase set to 180deg. I have no idea wether this is because the Denon reverses phase or the Sub does, it doesn't really matter. One of them does and that is why the switch is provided.


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