Subtitles often come and go...


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My parents have Freeview with a Humax F2 - Fox T box.
My mother is pretty deaf, so needs subtitles.
The problem is that the subtitles frequently disappear... sometimes for minutes, sometimes for hours... sometimes just on one channel, sometimes on all channels.

If I change it over to analogue TV, the subtitles are always there.

Is it the top-box, or the broadcasting of digital subtitles?



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Just a guess but if they disappear on all channels at the same time I would suspect the box. Do all channels transmit them all the time? RNID might know but last time I looked at their web site they did not seem up to speed on TV accessibility issues.

Just had a look on my box and while most of the main channels seemed to be fine, could not get them on for instance UKTVHistory.



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Hi Richard,
The bizarre nature of user IDs and numbers, eh? 'Richard46' replying to 'Richard47.'

Thanks - yes, it does sound like it could be the box... UKTVHistory usually doesn't post subtitles, and some other Freeview channels don't either. The main 4 do, though, and they're the ones I'm primarily concerned about...

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