Subtitle - mkv - PS3 Media server.


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I found a thread that was ~467days old so i could not replay...
His answer was .srt file.
Hi All,

I've got a problem that I can't find the exact answer for.

I have a film that I want to watch (stored on my PC) in MKV format, through my PS3. I have PS3 media server installed, and everything works perfectly (well almost!).

The problem I'm having is with the subtitles. I can only get the subtitles to either be completely off, or completely on, i.e. they are showing the English as well as non English talk. The film (The Last Samurai) is in English, but I want the subtitles to come on just for the Japanese parts.

I haven't got any extra subtitle files for the film (as PS3MS seems to supply them for you automatically?), is this where I'm going wrong?

If I do need a seperate sub file, how do I then add this in with PS3MS please?

Thanks for any help.

The problem I'm having is with the subtitles also, but i cant get any sub´s at all. my question is how does he use the subtitle in mkv files?


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Found it!
Subtitle track was named "und".

I dont know how to close och del thread.
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