Subsonic chair


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He has obviously put a lot of work into it.

Indeed. The chosen form limits enclosure volume and would seem to force a laid back seating style. Hard on older neck muscles!

Had he used the entire potential volume of back and seat he could have increased the enclosure efficiency considerably. I think he was more interested in the form than anything else. And pretty it is too!

There is great potential here for a gamer's "but kicker" plus subwoofer seat if pushed to its audio design limits. There might even be a market for a film watching seat if suitably upholstered. A stealth design is possible without the need for "added" room furniture in the form of an anti-swmbo, conventional sub box. Being nearfield it would maximise enjoyment with minimum output to the rest of the house. :)


Interesting, do JL actually make 16" drivers? particularly as he says it's 15.5" across? Are they really 15" drivers? :confused:


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Well they make a series of 13.5" drivers so if you include the surround etc it may work out at approx 15.5"???

Although I doubt it, and it is entirely feasable that I am talking shizer :D


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Looks Like My JL Audio Sub, 15wov2


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